Someone said once "Don't hang your dirty laundry in public" or something to that effect. WHY you would hang dirty laundry, instead of clean laundry to dry, is beyond me- but what I can tell from that statement is... there's no need to talk about anything too personal. Welcome to the diary of generic girly thoughts.
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2006-02-20 - 12:29 a.m. - fun

so, I've found a new niche in life.

I always thought that 'party' meant trying to figure out whose parents were out of town that weekend, and I never got invited/wanted to go to those things anyway, even if I WAS invited usually.

Ever since New Year's, Matt and I have had the most AMAZING night life. This is usually how it goes. Matt and I meet up, either at my place, work, whatever...sometimes we get food. It's usually a good idea as we are HUNGRY after he gets off work or I get home from class, then we go to Caleb's. Often it's our little usual group, being Caleb, Kim, Goins, Matt and I. We usually pre-game there, with whatever Caleb has in the freezer/cupboard. Often Andrea&crew will meet us there...aannndd I love Andrea. and Laura and Johnny and Jessie and whomever comes along. Then we know of places, mostly Caleb, and they're always chill with random different people that either work at Circuit city with them, or just..people. Usually no one from state high, or someone that kind of fell off the earth for a year or so. The only State High people I see are Andrea & Co., (but I'd love to see Marlee at some point, my hookah buddy, and the only cool juniors known to man, my cutie models).

and it's great. Sometimes it's just me, Matt and Goins. Actually, a lot of the time it is. For example, last night it was just us after Caleb went to sleep, driving around in Goins' camaro, going to WalMart for no reason. As we left and we were deciding where to go, I said "We are all SO lame, why can't one of us not live with our parents?" and they just laughed in exasperation at the raw truth in my statement.

Sometimes we just stay at Caleb's. And random people come by, usually Bill who lives upstairs, and obviously Caleb's fun roomates- Bart the massouse(sp) and Ian the weirdo-turned-cool guy. We've done this thing lately where we all have beer after beer playing asshole. It's my new favorite card game. Bart is USUALLY president and I am USUALLY asshole.

So basically, I look forward to the night every night. After all this is said and done and it's rather late, Matt and I end the night just like we began it- alone for some quality time, at my house, maybe eating, maybe just hanging out in my room cos we're awful tired at that point.

I always thought 'party girl' meant a slut who dances on tables and is really loud and drunk/fucked up all the time (Paris Hilton anyone?). Sometimes I wished to be that generic girl because everyone seemed to like her. No, they just talk about her because of how outrageous she is. Kim, for example (Caleb's girlfriend), likes parties but always dresses really relaxed and just hangs out. That's kind of my party philosophy. Jeans, my black flats, some sort of tee and my purple sweatshirt. Andrea kind of has the same thing going on.

So basically life is awesome. It would be better without highschool, but I don't even care anymore. I go out every night. I go to school tired and sometimes really out of it. I do as little as possible then go to work or class after a nap.

THIS FRIDAY IS QS&L PARTY!!! aahhhhh!!! I love my co workers!!!!

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